Who we are

DOA Trading DMCC is one of the leading agricultural network operators in the region with a global presence and the ability to provide the best solutions for exporters and consumers. We connect continents and make food safer, procurable, and traceable. Together with our experienced team, trusted partners, and diverse capabilities, we provide our customers with advanced results that add value to our supply chains. We are constantly developing our network and investing in quality improvements to achieve further goals.


What we do

We always try to find the shortest routes to deliver high quality products to our customers, who are manufacturers, processors, local importers, and governments. The developed network of companies led by DOA covers more than 10 countries around the world and supplies about 2 million tons of products to more than 50 countries around the world.

2 million
metric tons

10 countries

50 destination

25 years of

Our team

We believe in people Our team is made up of professionals in their field, and we are always interested in people to oversee their work. This means we can always trust each other and give each person a chance. Thanks to the many opportunities offered by our network, our employees are always discovering new ways and innovative solutions that allow them to work in a pleasant way and meet all our clients' needs.


Our vision

The world is constantly evolving and we try to keep up with it, to expand and find all the points where we can become better than we are. We are fully aware of the responsibility we bear and will try to meet all the needs of today and maintain the highest quality standards of nutrition for ourselves and our animals.